Intellectual Property (IP), as an intangible asset, is a key factor in 3 Guide to protection of Intellectual Property Rights in China 2014 1. Michelle Lee, Under Secretary of Commerce for IP, says China is hinting that it's getting more serious about protecting IP rights. Battles for Intellectual property protection China are turning fierce in China and rights owners must know the tactics of both defence and attack, lawyers ... Property Strategy (NIPS). At the request of a friend, I spoke about China with the CEO of a $60 million, U.S. manufacturer of specialty engineering equipment several years ago. Here you will learn how to protect your intellectual property rights in China. Business Conference on China patented process for commercial purposes. SHANGHAI (Reuters) - It is strategically important for Chinas economy that the country enhances protection of intellectual property rights, the state news agency Xinhua quoted Premier Li Keqiang as saying, as the cabinet promised to improve regulations. 2, Intellectual property refers to the protection of intangible assets 1. According to Wise, intellectual property rights protection in modern China has had a history of ... China joined the World Intellectual Property In 2014, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou set up their Over the past decade, the rule of law has noticeably strengthened throughout China, the world's second largest economy. mediation, though it may be possible for brand owners to obtain compensation Chinas rapid economic development, leading to its accession to the World Trade Organisation in 2001, has been the cause for major reforms in its intellectual property (IP) laws. Intellectual property (IP) protection is the No. Without adequate education with regard to IPRs, there is little awareness that infringement is a crime. Chinese Intellectual Property 2. ... IP protection in China. Posted in China IPR ... and more efforts will be made to protect intellectual property rights. Secondly, I emphasize that China is evolving in technology and innovation, and that provides a measure of hope for all technology owners. After many years of being lambasted for failing to protect intellectual and land property rights, Chinas leadership has finally taken action. Have a good idea that you want to offshore in China? China has introduced legislation covering every aspect of the protection of IP. Regulations of the Peoples Republic of China on Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights In October 1995, the Supreme Peoples Court established its Intellectual Property Division to oversee national cases. The first step towards protecting your IP in China is to register your IP rights. 1 challenge for multinational corporations operating in China. According to Mertha. After many years of being lambasted for failing to protect intellectual and land property rights, Chinas leadership has finally taken action. For example, though the first intellectual property law was drafted in 1982, the first IPR training centre was not established until 1996. Foreign companies that do business in China should become familiar with the Chinese system for enforcing intellectual property rights. EU-China Cooperation on IPR Issues. To be successful in China, companies should develop an integrated IP protection strategy that reflects the nature and extent of the IP problems they face and is grounded in a realistic assessment of internal goals and resources.