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ReconGate lets you fuse diverse data sources and apply state-of-the-art machine learning in order to gain valuable insights and make the right decisions

Machine Learning & Advanced Data Analysis

The ability to leverage data, analyze results and make informed decisions based on real-time information

About ReconGate

We at ReconGate provide you with innovative solutions for the growing challenges in today’s data charged environment.

Complex Data Analytics

ReconGate is a software company that specializes in complex data analytics, offering proprietary solutions that leverage publicly available and internal data with cyber intelligence know-how. Our solutions dramatically improve data visibility and generate valuable insight for our customers.

Robust Data Collection

We fuse machine learning and data modeling in our solutions – making it simple to acquire real-time and comprehensive knowledge from multiple data sources. Our list of customers include Tier 1 organizations, urban authorities and large commercial corporations.

Achieving Business Objectives

Our solutions offer a unique combination of proprietary technology, leading experts and methodology built on years of experience. This allows us to provide our customers with quick and meaningful insights relevant to their business objectives.

ReconGate Contact Info

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